Electronic Safety Systems, Tracking and Asset Monitoring


Our Business is all about Electronic Solutions, At CTC Solutions we build, source
and repair all types of Electronic Products whether in the Mining or Construction Industries.
We cover a wide range of Electronic Applications big or small and affordable too.

CTX5-T the next generation in Safety & Monitoring Instrumentation 
Robust and Reliable this product is ideal for most Lifting,Limit and Distance Applications. 


Applications Include:

  • Telescopic Crane Systems
  • Strut/lattice Crane Systems
  • Tower Crane Systems
  • Crane Borer Systems
  • Front End Loader Systems
  • Telehandler Systems
  • Excavator Systems
  • Height Monitoring Systems
  • Distance Monitoring Systems
  • Slew Monitoring Systems
  • EWP Systems
  • Level Luffer Systems
  • Barge/boat Crane Systems
  • Pedestal Cranes (safe area) Systems
    CTX5-T Systems are designed and built by CTC Solutions

With over 25years in electronics, we have specialised in Crane Load Instrumentation Systems,
Annual Inspections,Remote Asset Monitoring and Electronic & Web Based Software 
right down to smaller products like Led Lights and other Electronic Parts.

Web Parts-

We stock a wide range of components to limit Customers downtime!



The Plug & Play system does not require
user configuration for communication.

To start up the set, both devices
just need to be powered.
The Display power supply can be
12 or 24VDC the Anemometer
runs a 19AH D Size Battery
with a life range of 2 Years.



Communication is by RF 802.15.4 to 2.4GHz, worldwide free-band.

Over the last 25 years Les Sporer has supported a variety of Load System Retro-Fit Companies 
here in Australia and Overseas as a Service Agent and a Distributor.


Our goal is to provide all customers the best solution’s that suit there requirement as we can
when is comes to Electronic Monitoring and Safety Products,Parts and Service.

For more information please contact
Les Sporer on 0457 313 144

CTC Support Network 
Our Network has over 100+ Years combined experience
working on Crane Safety Systems and Diesel Mechanical Issue’s. 

Queensland – Mt Isa 
Superior Machinery Maintenance 
Sam Pye –  07 4743 0347
Crane Electronic & Diesel Technician

Queensland – Townsville 
Jackson Mechanical
Travis Jackson – 0499 283 254
Crane Electronic & Diesel Technician

Queensland – Mackay
Crane Maintenance Queensland 
Jason Cooper – 0459 166 994
Crane Electronic & Diesel Technician

New South Wales – Newcastle
Dean Bartrop – 0439 26 040
Crane Electronic & Diesel Technician

Become a CTC Support Network Agent in your Local Area 
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