Electronic Safety Systems, Tracking and Asset Monitoring

We have over 25+ years working with Crane Safety and Monitoring Electronic Products 
We also Manufacture and Repair Safety & Monitoring Electronic hardware for the
Mining,Construction and Forestry Industry today.

Our latest CTX5-T is the next generation Crane Safety Instrumentation 
Robust and Reliable this product is ideal for all Lifting,Limit and Distance Applications. 

CTX5-T Applications:

  • Telescopic Crane Systems
  • Strut/lattice Crane Systems
  • Tower Crane Systems
  • Crane Borer Systems
  • Front End Loader Systems
  • Telehandler Systems
  • Excavator Systems
  • Height Monitoring Systems
  • Distance Monitoring Systems
  • Slew Monitoring Systems
  • EWP Systems
  • Level Luffer Systems
  • Barge/boat Crane Systems
  • Pedestal Cranes (safe area) Systems
    The CTX5-T Systems are manufacture by CTC Solutions

We have supported a wide range of OEM & Retro-Fit Load System Companies
based here in Australia and Overseas in the past 25+ years we seen it all
and now have built our own smart and low cost solution with loads of features.  

Our goal is to provide our customers the best solution that suit the requirement as we can
when is comes to Electronic Monitoring and Safety Products,Parts and Service.

CTC Solutions are now QLD’s Sales and Service Agents for

Wireless SigAlarms
High Voltage Power-line Protection Systems










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